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Dear users of this website,

we are aware that the careful treatment of your personal information is important to you. For this reason, we value your confidence that we deal with your personal data in a conscientious manner.

With this declaration, you consent to LEFA website processing and using your personal data presented below, which has been collected for the purposes specified here. Your statement of acceptance can be withdrawn at any point in time and will take effect for the future.

1. Responsible location
The responsible location as defined by the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz [Federal Data Protection Act of Germany] is 

Edelstahl-Laser-Technik GmbH
OT Häslich
Josef Eisele, Dr.-Ing. Mohamed Abouelela
Am Steinbruch 1
01920 Haselbachtal.

2. Storage of the personal data of our customers
The information you provide us with allows us to offer you the best service possible. We store the information received from you when you contact us. This constitutes e.g. your name, address and e-mail address.

3. How do we use your personal information?

We use your personal information in order to communicate with you and to update our data sets and map the contents of our internet presence. We also use your information to improve our offer and contents, to prevent the misuse of our website resp. to identify such a case of misuse or to allow third parties to perform technical, logistic or other services on our order.

4. How long are my data stored?
In general, we store all information you have relayed to us as long as you are interested in receiving promotional information. In the event you would like us to stop using your data, then we will of course promptly honour your request (for this, please also read Clause 6).

5. Can you determine which data we have saved concerning your person?
Yes. Upon request, you can receive information regarding your personal data stored at any time.

6. Can you authorize the deletion of your personal data?
Yes. You of course have the opportunity at any time to order the partial or complete deletion of your data. Please use our contact form on the LEFA GmbH website for this purpose. We will promptly honour your request and cease forwarding promotional material immediately. Insofar we are obliged by law to store your data, the data will not be deleted, but blocked.

7. What are cookies and how are they used by LEFA GmbH?
Cookies are comprised of text-based information (ASCII text), which is stored on your hard drive via your browser (e. g. Microsoft Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and others). We use exclusively session-cookies, namely the cookies created on our end during your visit to www.lefa-gmbh.de and which are deleted upon closing your browser window. In this session-cookie, we temporarily store variable information, which allow us render the settings you requested within our website. You can adjust your browser settings to no longer accept cookies resp. to notify you when cookies are being used. However, we recommend allowing the use of cookies since restrictions in the use of the website will result otherwise. Finally, cookies cannot transfer viruses of any kind, readout e-mail address and hard drive contents, transfer the history file, send any e-mails without your knowledge, fill up or delete your entire hard drive.

8. Does LEFA GmbH pass on the information collected?
No. The information you provide will be passed on neither to third parties nor used for purposes other than those specified (see Clause 3).

9. Notices
In the event you have any further questions regarding data protection, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail. We assure you that we will publish any significant changes to our notices concerning data protection, which result in a reduced level of data protection, in an appropriate form.