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  • our kettles can be delivered in different volumes: with capacities of 200 to 1,000 litres
  • made of 100 % Nirosta stainless steel
  • manufactured with precision, with properly rounded edges and height-adjustable support feet (option: can also be delivered without feet)
  • the kettle can be emptied via a 1 ½ inch drain valve on the right or left side
  • water supply via 1 valve or via 2 valves with special configuration (cold/warm)
  • external water inlet is provided
  • energy-saving heating options via electric current, gas, oil and steam

Special configuration

  • core-temperature sensor
  • control with delta cooking method and serial port for connecting to a PC/laptop
  • fully automatic filling of the kettle with water via a control unit with microprocessor – for optimal water and energy consumption
  • dry run protection, that is, operation is not possible without water
  • overfill protection on the right and left kettle edge
  • stainless steel connection for dual kettle systems
  • control unit with microprocessor
  • with digital display for convenient setting of temperature, time and waiting time
  • the core temperature sensor in the lid guarantees optimal cooking times
  • energy-conscious: uniform heating thanks to well insulated combustion chamber with Nirosta heating ducts on the bottom of the kettle
  • standard lid with double-wall insulation and circumferential sealing can be opened up to 90°
  • the kettle is insulated on all sides
    microprocessor control unit
  • Basket
    Made of antirust stainless steel with high-quality finish, with or without folding bottom, can be delivered in all sizes for the kettle. A stainless steel load suspension assembly is included in the delivery.
    basket for kettles
  • Bottom guard
    Made of antirust stainless steel, high-quality finish, prevents contact between the cooked goods and the heated bottom
    bottom guard for kettles
  • Sausage rack
    Made of aluminium, corresponds to high hygienic requirements and is very convenient to clean.
    sausage rack
  • Kettle with 400/300 litres, natural gas
    kettle 400-300 liters
  • Kettle with 300/400 litres, electric current
    kettle 300-400 liters
  • 2x kettle 200 litres
    kettle 200 liters
  • Kettle 200/500 litres
    kettle 200-500 liters
  • 3 x kettle with 600 litres, low pressure steam
    1 x kettle with 400 litres, high pressure steam
    kettle 600-400 liters

Technical Data

Click here to see a technical diagram.