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single cabinet system
  • smoking systems as single-cabinet systems available in the configurations:
    TSFR 80, 90, 95 and 100 with liquid smoke
    TSKR 80, 90, 95 and 100 with friction smoke or smoulder smoke combined with liquid smoke
  • every system has a measuring station for chamber temperature, humidity and a core temperature sensor
  • the discharge nozzles located on the side of the system, with an optional LEFA flap valve system, guarantee uniform air circulation (3 speeds possible)
  • systems equipped with fully automatic cleaning function
  • fast and safe smoke production thanks to leading-edge technology
  • environmentally-friendly, clean
  • low energy and operating costs
  • uniform smoke dosing and optimal air circulation control
  • consistent quality through different smoke flavours, steam and gas phase
  • cooling (only vaporiser, without chiller)
  • cooling shower
  • door with viewing window
  • door opener
  • active carbon filter
  • Husky pump
LEFA flap valve system
  • with simultaneous horizontal and vertical air circulation
  • this means it is easy on the products and results in the least possible loss in weight
  • offers safety when it comes to a consistent, high-quality product with an attractive appearance
    LEFA-Wendeklappensystem                         LEFA Wendeklappensystem
Microprocessor control
  • 75 program memory (option with 99 programs)
  • 20 increments each
  • digital display for actual and target values
  • easy programming of temperature, core temperature, moisture, operating time, set time
  • with programming for delta cooking, core temperature and moisture deactivation
  • with serial port
  • “VISU-Net” software for recording measurements and process visualisation

H-shaped smoking trolleys

  • each rack is suitable for smoking rails, cooking and collecting tray as well as baking grates.
  • stainless steel smoking rails, stable triangular shape.
  • stainless steel baking grate
  • stainless steel collecting tray
  • stainless steel cooking tray
  • available for delivery with all Turbostar smoking systems.
  • 2 x TSFR 100 low-pressure steam with liquid smoke
    liquid smoke system
  • TSFR 80 with liquid smoke, open shower (left side)
    liquid smoke system
  • TSKR 80 combined smoking systems with friction smoke and liquid smoke, shower with closed door (right side)
    combined smoke system

Technical Data

Click here to see a technical diagram.

Click here to see a technical diagram.