Smoking systems - Smoulder smoke

Fully-automatic for uniform product quality: the smoulder smoke generator

During the smoking phase, a smoke mixture consisting of smoke and conveyor air is produced in the smoke generator. The smouldering process is automatically initiated by a heating rod. The smoking material smoulders within a temperature range of approximately 400–600 °C. The smoke mixture is fed to the processing chamber via a smoke duct.

The burning plate is supplied with the smoking material (sawdust or fine woodchips, grain size 0.7 mm–2.5 mm) in intervals. An agitator with a motorised or pneumatic drive supplies the smoking material via the dosing tube from the storage container. The height adjustment of the dosing tube makes it possible to optimise the supply of smoking material thereby producing the desired smoke density.

Ash from the consumed smoking material falls through the grate of the split cover into the ash box. The electric heating rod for igniting the sawdust is mounted at a short distance outside of the burning plate. The smoulder smoke generator is operated as a half-open circulation unit (closed system, without addition of fresh air).