Smoking systems - Friction smoke

Steplessly adjustable friction pressure and taste-enhancing wood aromas: the friction smoke generator

The smoke generator produces aromatic smoke by pressing a wooden stick (dimensions 8 x 8 x 70/100 mm) onto a fast rotating, diagonally-toothed friction wheel. The wooden stick is pressed pneumatically by means of a wood clamp. The resulting pressure (friction pressure) is adjustable.

The friction process is discontinuous, that is, each friction interval is followed by a pause, which can also be adjusted and can also be used to regulate the smoke intensity. The working time for a friction interval (friction time) averages 30–40 seconds.

The pause amounts to approximately 40–60 seconds with hot smoking and approximately 2-4 minutes with cold smoking. Noise insulation to prevent impact sound is installed between the internal and external casing.